About Us

Renew Biocare AG. Group 成立於 1999 年,全球總部設於瑞士,亞洲總部則於台北,台灣。該集團是由一群健康產業經驗豐富與熱愛創新之人士所組成的私人企業,不屬於任何大型財團或股市的操縱。因此,作風低調和熱愛創新。該集團遵循瑞士的傳統務實的精神,重研發、講精準的做事方式,致力於以人工牙根方式重建口腔健康為最高宗旨。集團目標是將昂貴的人工牙根,以減少浪費、鋪張不實的行銷方式, 不透過代理商層層剝削的經營結構,將省下來的費用,直接反應在給牙醫診所的植牙成本,希望更多的專業醫師,可以將其精湛的專業知識,造就更多受惠的病患,提高他們的生活品質。Renew Biocare 在牙科植體領域,累積生物研究和臨床經驗三十多年,不斷開發出更優異的人工牙根產品和口腔重整相關產品。近年來,為因應老齡化社會的需求,積極以跨領域合作的方式,將口腔健康與整體健康做適度連結,希望透過口腔健康管理,來幫助更多的病患建立健康的生活方式與營養選擇,減少罹患慢性病的機率,進而創造一個更健康與樂活的社會。

Renew Biocare Corporation Asia Pacific in Taipei, Taiwan is a regional headquarter of Renew Biocare AG., a Swiss/American multi-national medical and dental device technology company servicing our clients in Asia Pacific regions. We started as a dental implantable and restorative device technology company in 1999 and have been focusing on product research and development as well as patient service innovation. We believe that there is no better time than the present to take a step towards the comfort and convenience of a beautiful smile, achievable through specialized and expert crafted dental implants and have been advocating in the healthcare industry at large to make dental implant treatments safe and more affordable.

Global Objectives Consulting Division is part of Renew Biocare Asia Pacific which functions as a bridge point for knowledge exchange and technology transfer for China, Taiwan, ASEAN, Europe and the United States.